by Heather Alexander “Destiny”

I can’t cleanse my soul
From the truth we cannot hide
From this battle won, and blood dried stain
I cannot stay by your side
For to cross this bridge I must pay it’s toll
You will have to let me go
With the price of pain
Knowing all that I now know

I must take what comes
Secrets we both have a few
And defy despair’s dark evil wraith
This one I have told to you
For until I hear of my enemy’s drums
Salt and loam, hearth and home
I must keep my faith
Will give to me life anew

Will it all be worth it?
Rock and water, fish and tree
Will it all mean more than just for me?
Calling for me
Will it come to form a more perfect pattern
Where I’ll be blessed
I’m only just one man
At home within the Southwest

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