Final Battle

1024 VA on the 23rd of Vanquished’s Month

Aliella Gyneth and Dudwin vs. Skeleton Knights (6) and The Elothian Duchess

The Elothian Duchess Looking at Dudwin and Aliella Gyneth she says “When your people were still slaves my people ruled these plains. When you are dust little one”, pointing at Aliella Gyneth, " I will still be here. And as for you I think you should go back to where you belong." At this point the Skeleton Knights head towards Dudwin.

Again looking at Aliella Gyneth “Priestess your gods mean nothing to me. I am a god and you will soon bow down to me.”

Raganash Volthar vs. Narius

“Don’t you remember me Raganash? I remember you.” Narius holds up his left hand so Raganash can see that his pinky and ring fingers are missing. Then Raganash has a flashback:
You remember traveling with 20 other dwarves from your homeland to near the headwaters of Mad River. You are transporting raw steel, swords, armor and shields. The dwarves had received an enormous amount of silver for the shipment.

They were meet by Amyklai and the man you would later come to know as Barius. It was an ambush. All but five dwarves were killed outright. You and four of your companions were left alive after the ambush. When you woke up a few days later you found yourself in a place surrounded by undead. They seem to be mining for something.

Some of your companions were helping to direct the mining efforts. Later you learned that Barius was controlling their minds. At night the Amyklai would engage in the sport of ‘pin’ the tail on the dwarf. You and your companions were in no condition to be fighting Amyklai . But after a few months you had regained your strength and waited for the day when Narius – commander of all of Barius’ forces entered the ‘arena’ with you. Neither one of you was armed.

It was a knock down drag out brawl. You had never fought an enemy so skilled, strong or tenacious before. At one point he had you pinned and was about to break your shoulder blade when he slipped and his left hand got to close to your mouth and you bit off his pinky and ring fingers.

At that point Narius order his men to beat you unconscious. When you came to you were chained to a heavy oak chair. Narius said to you “You bastard. You took my fingers. Well lets see how you like it when I take your eye and half your face.” At which point he took a white hot Amyklai spear tip and plucked out your eye and burned half your face.

Later Barius put the memories of your family casting you out and burning your face and eye.

Flashback over
Narius says “I see you remember! Barius said you might remember when you saw me again. Well let us you and I finish our grudge. No mercy given or expected! You die today dwarf!”

<u>Raganash throws axe and Narius deflects it</u>
“What you think we don’t learn! You stupid dwarf. Catch this if you can!” Javelin in return.

Leisel Couer vs. Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental “That metal casing will not protect you from me little man.”

Fiona and Jakob vs. Demonlings (4) and Erbo and Nalia

Erbo will shoot to Nalia “Kill that Cynthian with the bow. She is the one who killed our friends.”

Darkarus vs. Barius

Barius says to Darkarus “I killed your cousin. You came all this way to find me so you could kill me. How pathetic because you will die like your cousin – begging for your life.”

Barius says to Darkarus “The Shadow guard will be the first to fall when I return to Abyzinia. And if they sent someone as weak as you it shouldn’t be hard to destroy them.”

“You think you have killed me. No… no, Darkarus, you can’t get away. From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. I will take all of your friends and companions souls with me to hell.”

At this point Barius will break his wand which will cause a massive explosion in 6 segments. It is a 20d6 KA, 256m AoE, explosive (loses 1d6 KA every 6m). If Darkarus runs no one will survive. If he stays and uses his deflection spell he can convert the power and make it a 20d6 EB, 256m AoE, explosive, with himself being the center point.

Final Battle

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