Fiona's Lament

By Mercedes Lackey from The Herald’s Lament

A hand to wade along the road
A laugh to lighten any load
A place to bring a burden heart
And heal the ache of sorrow’s dart

Who’d willing share in joy or tears
And help to ease the darkest fears
Or my soul like his own defense
And all because he was my friend

No grave could hold so free a soul
I see him in the frisking foal
I hear him laughing on the breeze
That stirs the very tops of trees

He soars with falcons on the wing
He hears the song that night birds sing
Death has not dared him captive keep
He lies not there, he does not sleep


But there is silence at my side
That haunts the place he used to ride
And my companions can’t belay
The loss that I sustained that day

How bleak the future now has grown
Since I must face it all alone
My road is weary, dark and steep
And it is for myself I weep

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Fiona's Lament

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