The Gibberish is the foreign district within the city. Most of the residents are foreigners who either cannot speak the language or speak the language so poorly it is difficult to understand them. The Kneel is at the northern most tip of this district.

City street with guardThe streets of Gibberish are a tangle like some drunken sailor tied around the The Serpentine River (Elweir City). Even more so than elsewhere in the city, the streets form a confusing maze of narrow paths and alleys. It’s almost as if people just built their homes, wine shops and smoke houses where they wished. Nearest the river are the wharves where ships from Abyzinia, Naraat, Khor and even more exotic places tie up; then along both banks come warehouses for storing goods and the offices of the Port Authority. Beyond this hustle and bustle of sailors, captains, porters, clerks and city assessors are the places that make the Gibberish so exotic.

The People

Tucked between the flophouses and grog shops, almost as if their owners don’t want potential customers to find them, are strange places that sell imports from far-off lands – everything from narcotics to crude statuettes to maps of places that may or may not exist. Staffing these shops are foreigners who washed up in Elweir like driftwood, and each of them has a strange tale about how he/she came to the city.

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Places Taverns/Inns/Smoke Shops Smiths
Clink Clink Square Abyzinian Night Amanda’s Shield
Sea Captains Guild Hall The Calm Sea Cloherty’s Armament
Mansblood Square The Captain’s Lament Bridget’s Leather Armor
Port Authority The Holy One’s Wine Shop Uziel’s Swords
Founding Stone Bridge Purple Honey
The Colossus of the North Wade’s Ale
The Colorful Smoke
General Stores Jewelers/Bankers Specialty
Common Barrel Grandiose Sapphire Aissa T’Numbra’s Shop
Lin’s Gathering The Vault Blindman’s Book Shop
Cook’s Gathering Gleaming Emerald Jagged Glass
Arcane Beaker
Deep Blue


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