Godstime, the last week of the year on the Valdorian Calendar ( True Emperor’s Month), has become a bone of contention between Elweir and Duke Lothar Coeur. Valdorians celebrate the holiday with reverence and somber contemplation of the gods and they hold it the most important of all the holidays. Elweirians are something less than reverent and have often neglected to celebrate the holiday at all. Duke Lothar Coeur has pressured Prince Summerset to enforce the celebration of Godstime, and so far the result of this is all taverns and other places that sell drink must close for the week… a law that no one, from the lowliest beggars to the wealthiest among The Fifty families, appreciates. Furtive drinking establishments – the cellars of inns, private residences, the backrooms of shops – have sprung up in the wake of this proclamation, and taverns in the Outlands, their owners arguing that they stand outside the city and thus can ignore Prince Summerset’s proclamation, haave profited greatly.

The Fifty families have even pooled their resources to build a pavilion and cottages just south of the border of d Elweir, where they can go and celbrate the holiday as a holiday should be celebrated – with wine and spirits, banquets, and festivities. Located near Lonetree, a village of sheepherders half a day’s walk to the southeast of Elweir, this construction is called the Winter Palace, and the architects estimate they will finish it by the upcoming Godstime. The majority of The Fifty have plans to retire there for the week.

Traditionally, each Godstime’s seven days are dedicated to one of The Old Gods, whichever god the day is named after. During the evening a person must visit a temple dedicated to the god(s), spending his time in contemplation of the deity while a priest presides over a worship service. Most annoying to the residents of Elweir, the worshipers must make an offering – usually in coin – to the temple.

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