Golds Reside

Golds resideGold’s Reside is a walled off section where The Fifty Families and Prince Summerset reside. The district is said to be impossible to break into and it is the dream of many to someday see inside the walls.

Even though each neighborhood in Elweir and has its own character, Gold’s Reside is like a different city entirely. Surrounded by a high wall to keep the riffraff out, its quiet streets are broad boulevards where nobles stroll through plazas filled with glorious statues and pools of clean water. Its palaces, made of clean white stone and decorated with gilt, stand on estates filled with flower gardens, cultivated hedges, and fruit trees, that blossom in the sprint and summer; songbirds hide in their leaves and fill the air with their happy chirps. God’s Reside is like a heaven nestled in the hell that is Elweir and all the men and women dream of living there… but most never even catch a glimpse of it.

The People

Only members of The Fifty and their servants reside in the palaces with Gold’s Reside. The nobility’s sole profession is to make sure gold continues to flow into the Prince’s treasury, and their servants’ sole profession is to serve the needs of the nobility. the highest level of clerks work in the Prince’s offices, but these men live in Uphill East. The neighborhoods’ guardsmen reside in the armory at the north wall, only leaving it when going to their posts, where they stand at rigid attention, eyes straight forward, and never meeting a Noble’s gaze.


The residences in Gold’s Reside are palaces – sprawling, typically single-story buildings of stone that may have anywhere from forty to fifty rooms. Made from white or pink marble, they have flat roofs broken by occasional domes that allow sunlight into rooms below. The spacious rooms have ceilings up to twenty feet high and are often decorated with furniture, paintings, sculptures and other objects the owners have accumulated over the generations.

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Golds Reside

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