One of the key things about Haddonfield is that it has one of the few bridges that crosses over a tributary of the Mad River. It is also close enough to where the tributary enters the Mad River and deep and wide enough for a barge to come right up to the village.


Anyone approaching Haddonfield will notice there is a thick cloud fog within a 1/2 mile radius around the village.

When you enter into the clearing where the village is at you find a quaint village, which is typical along the Mad River.

Specific Locations

Map of haddonfield

A: LaVerne’s Orchard

There is a typical villager house here. Surrounding the house is an orchard.

B: Bridge

A simple stone arch bridge.

C: Fremont Farm (1)

A typical farmstead that can be found in the Mad River area.

D: House

Looking around the house you see nets, fishing poles, bait tanks, and large catfish heads hanging from nearby trees.

E: Smithy (2)

A smithy with all the tools and equipment necessary to create any simple metal implement the village might need.

F: Village Green

A gathering place for outdoor events. A stone sits in the centre, carved with the date of the village’s founding.

G: Haddon Manor (3)

A large wood and stone house.

H: The Dog and Bastard (4)

A creaky sign shows a mangy hound being kicked up the arse by a miserly old man.A small but comfortable inn.

I: Windmill (5)

Lower two levels are stone and the upper area is wood. There is a grind stone inside. There is also the equipment necessary to set up a crude sawmill.

J: Temple (6)

A simple temple with a graveyard around the temple.


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