Hawker's Square

Hawker’s Square is Elweir‘s main market place, and one of the few areas in The Canals that remains above water. A broad plaza paved with flagstones, its only permanent feature is a long pole at its center that flies the Prince’s flag – eight golden coins arranged in a diamond on a field of white. At night the plaza is empty, but when the sun rises merchants come pulling their carts. They set up their stalls wherever there’s room – those coming earliest getting the best places near the edges of the square; those coming later finding room where they can. There’s no organization to Hawker’s Square , and the place soon becomes a mazy labyrinth of colorful stalls, each merchant trying to shout loud enough to be heard over his neighbor.

A broad canal borders the north edge of Hawker’s Square – this allows merchants to bring goods from Elweir‘s three portages – and a single bridge leads over the canal to the neighborhood’s armory. Running parallel to the canal are The Princes Roads, the one leading from the east coming directly from Snake’s Bridges ( The Prince’s Bridges, and the one leading from the west coming directly from The Worm River (Elweir City). The wall that surrounds [[Gold’s Reside | Gold’s Reside]] forms Hawker’s Square’s southern edge, and at the center of the wall is an archway, the single entrance into the neighborhood of The Fifty.

Anything and everything might be for sale here, depending on the merchants that day. Hawker’s Square is one of the few places where people from all of Elweir can be found in one spot, each elbowing and pushing his way through the crowds, one hand gripping his pouch tightly to make sure a cutpurse doesn’t steal his coin.

Hawker’s Square is also the site where the Prince’s proclamations are delivered (usually by Lord Speckmore the Chancellor). From here the market-goers spread word of his announcements throughout the city.

Hawker's Square

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