Iceswept Ocean

Ice swept ocean 2The Iceswept Ocean is known for its fierce spring and summer storms, terrible cold and snowy weather in the fall and winter, and a place where the southern barbarians live. There are major ice flows in the Iceswept Ocean for 9 months of the year. For five months of the year the ice is passable by large herds of animals and barbarian raiding parties.

Iceswept ocean passageShips can only pass through the area during the height of summer and hug the coast of Sarth – as protection from the spring and summer storms, the ice flows and the barbarians.

It is rumored that the barbarians have tapped a underground source of heat that allows them to survive the winters on the Iceswept Ocean.

It is also rumored there are fur covered ice snakes and maybe a dragon left from the time of the Drindrish.

Iceswept Ocean

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