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Il-Ryveras consists of two major continents.
The southern continent, Sarth, contains the kingdoms of Valdoria, Amyklai, the city-state of Elweir and the Area surrounding Elweir, the city states of Graecoria, the lands of the Cynthian Plains, and The Frontier. It also has two large islands on opposite ends, Drindria and Ureth-Kalai. At the most southern point of Sarth is the Crumble. Travel in Sarth can be slow. For more details see Travel Times and Distances.
The northern continent is Pelosa. Here lies the ancient kingdom of Abyzinia, the pirate kingdom of Naraat and the Maggot Isles, the icy kingdom of Khor, the confederation of Tharestan, the land of Zimaravia and Zothedris.

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In Il-Ryveras there are two main thoughts on The Old Gods. The most accepted is that The Old Gods exist but have left Il-Ryveras for reasons of their own. One of the reasons might be the one described in “Why is this time called the Valdorian Age?”. There are other reasons people have developed about why Old Gods have left Il-Ryveras but most people don’t ponder the question very much. The other point of view is that the The Old Gods never existed. This point of view is the one held by the people of Graecoria and many in Abyzinia. The people of the Cynthian Plains have an absolute belief in their goddess Cynthia. More can be learned about the Religions on Il-Ryveras.

Why is this time called the Valdorian Age?

According to stories, the Valdorian Age began with the departure of the gods from this world. The gods are said to have left because of the murder of the last hero, Valdor, by his mistress. Whether or not this story is true, it is clear that if the gods are present in the world, they do not answer their prayers.

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