Master Toothgrim and His Goblins

Since 1022 VA, this wagon with its large colorful pennants has become a fixture of Player’s Square. Master Toothgrim is magician who performs slight of hand and other illusions for those passing through the square.

His “goblins” are short men and women, two to three feet tall who paint their faces with purple and green paint and dress in barbarous leopard pelts. Master Toothgrim often refers to them as his familiars and claim they are People of the Night (see The Nightlurk Mountains).

In addition to the tricks he performs, Master Toothgrim also sells a selection of elixirs, the purposes of which range from easing bone-ache to ensuring a man never drowns to “Sweet Dreams” which provides the most perfect hallucinations and heightened senses to “Laughing Crystals” which are smoked and provide the users with euphoria.

The city guard has investigated Master Toothgrim and have declared that he is a fraud. In spite of this many people come to square and spend a considerable amount of coin on Master Toothgrim’s wares.

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Master Toothgrim and His Goblins

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