Mountain Lion Tribes

The Mountain Lion Tribes have for centuries raided the lowlands. In those days, the Mountain Lion Tribe were much less bloodthirsty – they would simply sneak into a village and make off with a goat or sheep or two. The worst of their crimes was to abduct a young woman from a village, but even this was rare, and even rarer where the times when a tribesman would actually kill anyone.

However they refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Valdoria, the concept of property, and even The Old Gods (although they were happy to allow missionary priest to live with them).

After silver and gold were discovered in the mountains this all changed. When the tribes refused the Duke’s ultimatum they have been in a running battle with Duke Lothar Coeur’s nobles and their men. Every once in a while they will massacre whatever miners or villagers they find.

Members of the Mountain Lion Tribe only stand five feet tall with wild brown hair and a tangled beard. They wield weapons of flint and wear a flat “breastplate” made from strung together bones over his chest.

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Mountain Lion Tribes

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