The continent of Pelosa is less geographically diverse than its southern neighbor Sarth, but it has a wide diversity of cultures.

The largest kingdom is Abyzinia which is known for its merchants, slaves and magic. At one time Abyzinians were known to nearly rival the Drindrish for their magical abilities, the magical might in Abyzinia is waning as it is all over Il-Ryveras.

The icy island (or small continent) kingdom of Khor lies to the north of the Pelosa continent. This kingdom is known for its longboats, traders and warriors who are second to none on or near the Pelosa continent.

The confederation of Tharestan, the land of Zimaravia and Zothedris are also found on Pelosa.

The youngest kingdom is Naraat and the Maggot Isles. Naraat and the Maggot Isles is better known as a place for pirates to hide out. But in the last 50 years one pirate, and now his son, are trying to build a kingdom in Naraat and the Maggot Isles.

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