People of Lowtown

Listening to someone from one of the nicer neighborhoods in Elweir Uphill East or Uphill West, [[Worm’s Hole | Worm’s Hole]], [[Gold’s Reside | Gold’s Reside]] – a person might get the impression the only professions residents of Lowtown have are thieving and murder. While that’s mostly true, it neglects the fishermen who live by The Serpentine River (Elweir City), row their boats out onto the river every morning, drag their nets through its waters, and then sell their catch at Fishmonger’s Perch.

Also missing are the barkeeps, potboys, and serving wenches who keep Lowtown‘s drunkards in ale and spirits through both the night and day. And one mustn’t forget the building managers and their thugs who collect rent from the coin-poor occupants. Finally, those women who work along Whore Street say harlotry is a profession, because they certainly toil as hard as anyone for their coin.


The clothing worn in Lowtown is as squalid as the buildings. Children often go naked until they’re old enough to walk and talk; then they wear their father’s cast-off shirts shot through with holes and stained dirty yellow. Young men wear loose, ill-fitting breeches held up around their waists with a rough piece of rope and shirts made from sackcloth with sleeves of mismatched length, decorated with grease and win stains, and sometimes patches, but more often holes. Young women wear ankle length skirts of homespun, the hems dirty with mud, and vests buttoned too tight across their bosoms that leave their navels, shoulders and cleavage bare.

Older men wear much the same as young men – probably, in fact the exact same clothes they wore as young men – unless a man’s girth grows too big, and then he gives up on breeches and instead wears a knee-length tunic belted below his belly. Older women wear similar skirts to young women, but often wear a loose shirt instead of a vest, and cover their hair with a dirty bonnet. Most people wear sandals if any shoes at all.

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People of Lowtown

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