People of Snake's Den

Barbarian 1Female amyklai 2Most of the residents of [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]] are captains, sailors, or those who support sailors, much like the residents of Gibberish. Others are marines – men who serve as guards aboard river barges. On a river, even one as broad as The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains), its a simple matter to row out to a barge and storm it, so river pirates are a constant problem. With the rise of the Bandit Lords, marines have become even more of a necessity, although the presence of Duke Lothar Coeur‘s men along The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains)has gone a long way toward stopping piracy immediately south of Elweir. Also the stops a barge makes as it travels up and downriver are in more lawless areas than the ports on the sea, many of which are cities with guards of their own.

Ranger with bow and maceCynthian rider 3While some marines are native to Elweir, most come from the lands along the river: young men from Graecoria or Three Fingers looking for adventure; Cynthian riders exiled from their people for their crimes or dictate of the rigid customs of their tribes; men from Amyklai who either deserted the army or lost their families and villages to the raids of the barbarians from the Crumble; and even a few of those barbarians, who’ve come north to see if the wonders they’ve heard of from their storytellers.


The Elweirnians in the [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]] dress much as they do elsewhere in the city: loose shirts and loose breeches. Some of the river captains have adopted the dress of the Three Fingers: a belted long-sleeve tunic, dyed either blue or red and hanging to mid-calf worn over breeches. All of the veteran sailors carry a pack of furs, slung over their shoulder in the city, for when they travel south into colder climes. Most barbarians wear their furs even in the subtropical Elweir, much to the ridicule of the city-dwellers.

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People of Snake's Den

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