The Earth Shaker and Terror of the Deep, Poteidan is the god of the unknown and depths. Pythos shaped Poteidan from his bladder and kidneys. Poteidan is a cruel and heartless god, and he rules over the depths of both sea and earth.

The monstrous beings who lie hidden from man are his to command and at his anger the earth trembles in fear.

When he isn’t inflicting suffering on those who brave the unknown – especially those who sail the sea where nothing stands between them and the horrors below the waves – his attention is either turned elsewhere or he is asleep.

A sailor doesn’t pray for the Wave Roarer to make his journey as safe one; instead he prays for Poteidan to look elsewhere, pleading that others more deserving of the god’s attention. But most times when a sailor invokes Poteidan’s name, it is only to curse the god.

Statues depict Poteidan as a nude man with seaweed for hair, his mouth open in a roar and showing rows of sharp teeth like those of a shark, and in both hands he holds lashes with sharp seashells woven into the braids.

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