Prince Summerset's Family

Prince Summerset’s remains a bachelor, he has three sisters, an aunt and her husband, and five cousins who all reside with him in the palace. His mother passed away giving birth to the youngest sister.

The sisters range from age twelve to sixteen, and none of them are betrothed – making them the subject of many far-fetched plots to somehow win one as a bride, in hopes the Prince Summerset dies without a son. The sister’s names are, from youngest to oldest: Lalizza “Lilly”, Sezannah, and Mylindra.

Prince Summerset‘s aunt, Holandrah Packmyrtle and Strat Packmyrtle, both in their fifties and treat Prince Summerset and his sister’s like their own children.

The five cousins, all sons of Holandrah Packmyrtle and Strat Packmyrtle and ranging in ages from seventeen to twenty-five, form the Prince Summerset‘s entourage and accompany him nearly everywhere. The cousins’ names are, from youngest to oldest: Gyr Packmyrtle, Jaryd Packmyrtle, Mehki Packmyrtle, Lorne Packmyrtle and Strat Packmyrtle (currently betrothed to the eldest granddaughter to Lord Speckmore the Chancellor, the Prince’s Chancellor).

Prince Summerset currently has no heir.

Prince Summerset's Family

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