Prince's Day

Taking place on the first day Emancipator’s Month, Prince’s Day is a day of reversals. The Prince and the heads of The Fifty families disguise themselves as commoners – tinkers, minstrels, sometimes even beggars and cutpurses – and journey to Lowtown in the early evening. As the Prince Summerset and the other nobles journey through the city, they pick out individuals at their whim – sometimes for a unwarranted kindness or a particularly sharp insult, sometimes for no discernable reason at all. These are taken back to [[Gold’s Reside | Gold’s Reside]] by guardsmen and feasted at the palace of the person who picked them out. The Prince Summerset and The Fifty families spend a great deal of time and coin preparing for this and they lock up all valuables, close up their families (especially their daughters) in distant wings of the palace, station guards at the exits of the feast hall to make sure no one wanders around, and so on. Of course, it never fails that some enterprising commoners go someplace they shouldn’t .. and some curious daughters of the nobility sneak their way into the feast hall.

In the rest of the city, the residents don masks and disguises, further helping to hide the Prince Summerset and other nobles, and spend their time wandering the streets, singing songs and swigging from jugs of wine or ale. Unmarried women give the local beggars a kiss on the cheek and crown made of flowers and its considered good luck for a revealer to buy these kings for a day a drink or meal. A child born nine months after this day is often called a son (or daughter) of the Prince, and is said to blessed with good luck.

In the morning the Prince Summerset and The Fifty families return to their homes. Anyone caught still on the premises – and there are usually quite a few, since the wine flows fast and plentiful during the feast in a palace – has to run the gauntlet out of the palace. The proper residents wield cudgels and provide a brutal reminder of the guest’s station in the life as he flees for home.

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Prince's Day

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