Ransom Demands of 1000VA

After the rout of the Prince’s army, a random demand from the Bandit Lords arrived in Elweir. The Bandit Lords state that unless they were paid sixty pounds of gold yearly, they would march into the city and take what they wanted, putting the rest to the torch and killing anyone they found. Their demand came just as the riots, which had started after news of the ambush reached the city and made people fear for their lives, were threatening to spill out of Lowtown and into the other neighborhoods.

The new Prince – only sixteen years old and unprepared to rule Elweir in the best of times, let alone the worst – listened to his advisors and agreed to pay the ransom. To the populace he presented himself as the savior of the city and soon quelled the riots, but in truth he had mortgaged the city.

It is often said that gold is the blood of Elweir – a maxim that everyone, from the lowliest beggar to the wealthiest of the The Fifty, knows and believes – and because the Prince agreed to pay the Bandit Lords, he was leeching the blood from Elweir. To make matters worse the Bandit Lords, as any extortioners would, raised the ransom every year. No man can stand a leeching for long, and soon the Prince found himself held responsible for the draining of the blood of Elweir.

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Ransom Demands of 1000VA

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