The Old Gods are gone from the world. Most people say they turned their backs when Valdor died. Though The Old Gods have departed, the priests haven’t – a definite oversight on the part of the gods as far as Elweirnians are concerned. the priest tend to those who remain faithful. Over the last millennia, the numbers of the faithful have dwindled in places like Elweir, where the pursuit of coin is held above service to the divine, and a cynical populace views the priests as pursuing wealth just like anyone else.

The stories say that once priests were the vessels for divine power. They could heal the sick no matter what ailed a man, grant good fortune to the faithful, and make food and water out of thin air. And some stories tell that the priest could even raise the dead – return to life one struck down in the service of the god. But if that were once true, it hasn’t been for nearly a thousand years – so long that all but the priests and their flocks believe those are nothing but fanciful tales.

Without tangible proof of the gods’ existence, who’s to say they’re real? And no priest denies The Old Gods once granted them great powers, so even if a person believes The Old Gods do exist, they obviously turned their back on mankind, so why worship them? What does a person get in return? Such are the arguments the faithless make.

Furthermore, The New Gods have sprung up to replace the old ones – and who’s to say these new gods are any less real than The Old Gods? The servants of both hold the same power – namely, none at all – and neither side has any more proof than the other of their divine master’s existence.

Priests and priestesses hold equal rank in the service of the The Old Gods. Each priest serves all seven gods and goddesses equally, although most priest feel a certain sympathy with one god over the others.

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