Rise of the Bandit Lords

At first their existence was just a rumor – evil and depraved villains for the stories bards and other ne’er-do-wells told, whose existence only the children believed in. The Bandit Lords had colorful names – Lord Rape, Lady Slaughter, Jac Plunder, Pillaging Pitt, Hanging Hyr and Cat A’Killer – and these unlikely sobriquets seemed futher proof they were just invention of the storytellers to frighten children and earn a little more coin. But the truth was something was happening in Cavern’s Demise. Overland caravans from the east, never common, became fewer and fewer over the years … and then ten years after bards told of the Bandit Lords in melodramatic whispers and hushed words, fraught with fear, came the Parade of Burning Boats.

The Bandit Lords had finally grown brave enough to attack the barges sailing the The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains)/ The Serpentine River (Elweir City). For nearly a week burning ships arrived in Elweir drifting into the city in ones and twos each night. Their crews were gone and only the captain remained on board – tied to the front of his barged, his flesh charred black from the flames.

The events of that week panicked the river captains, for the Bandit Lords jeopardized their trade, and eventually their panic reached all the city’s residents with new rumors of the Bandit Lords marching on Elweir coming every night. Urged on by teh river captains, the Prince assembled a ragtag army of conscripted men, mercenaries and city guardsmen. With the Prince in the lead trying hard to look comfortable in his armor – he was brave fool if nothing else – the army marched out of Elweir to much fanfare.

Two nights later, somewhere to the southeast of the city, the Bandit Lords, ambushed the army, routed the men and murdered the Prince.

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Rise of the Bandit Lords

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