Ruler : Duke Lothar Coeur
Capital : Lionspride Castle
Languages : Valdorian
Resources : Iron ore, precious metals, metalwork
Arms/Symbols : Lion

Dukes soldiersNestled into the crook of the Oceanshore Mountains, Romnal was a poor cousin of the other The Frontier provinces for many years. The rocky hills made for poor farming, and the only livestock were goats and sheep. Despite Valdoria claiming the land, primitive tribes of wild men called the Mountain Lion Tribes still inhabited the highest peaks and made frequent raids on the Valdorians. The Duchy did not lie along The Worm River (Elweir City) like the other provinces and couldn’t profit from river trade. All that changed when miners discovered deep veins of silver and even gold in the northern mountains a century ago. Since then, Romnal has grown more wealthy, and as it did, its influence on the region increased – and its relationship with Elweir grew closer.

Romnal is connected to Elweir via a thirty mile road and that road becomes increasingly well traveled as Romnal becomes more influential to Elweir. The Duke has built a palisade that houses a contingent of the Duke’s soldiers. The palisade is visible from Caravan’s Rest. The soldiers are under the command of Sir Gimli Mond.

Oceanshore Mountains

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