Schools of Magic

Which are allowed

  • Alchemy – the art of creating potions, elixirs and the like by mixing and activating various substances.
  • Arcanomancy – spells pertaining to magic, specifically the ability to manipulate and change how other mages magic works
  • Black Magic – spells that invoke evil energies, entities or are specifically intended to cause evil.
  • Conjuration – the art of summoning beings from other planes of existence and controlling them or banishing them. One of the most dangerous forms of magic. Requires an EGO vs. EGO roll to control the summoned creature.
  • Divination – the art of finding and foretelling
  • Druidry – spells relating to, using or affecting animals, plants, and nature. Druids can also use some of the spells in the Divine school.
  • Elemental Magic – spells related to the four greater elements – air, earth, fire and water – as well as the lesser elements (such as ice and light). Mages in this school are typically specialized in a sub-school such as air elemental magic.
  • Necromancy – magic pertaining to life, death, undeath and related subjects. Universally considered a black and evil school of magic.
  • Rune – the magic of carved or painted runes of power
  • Shamanism – magic involving the spirits and the spirit world
  • Song – spell casting by or involving song, poetry, jests and the like
  • Sorcery – magic’s of the mind, thought, illusions and deception.
  • Witchcraft – a hodge podge of magic’s from all the other schools
  • Wizardry – catch all for spells not found in other schools of magic. See Chaos Magic as well
  • Divine – magic which is imparted from a divine being to a faithful follower.

Which are not allowed

  • Areomancy – Battle Magic. This type of magic is not appropriate in a sword & sorcery campaign
  • Enchantment – The art of crafting items which have been enchanted with magic. If there are any such items in Valdorian they are very rare and were probably made by the ‘gods’ or by an ‘elder’ race that has long since disappeared.
  • Monster Magic – The monsters who exist will have very specific magical abilities designed by the GM
  • Naming Magic – Would take too much time and effort for the GM to come up with ‘true names’ for everything that the players might want to encounter and use ‘Naming Magic’ on.
  • Professional Magic – Is something that makes sense in a world where magic is everywhere.
  • Thaumaturgy – the art of transforming, altering and redirecting energy into matter and back again. Think of “She turned me into a newt.” I have always hated transformation as a power. So we won’t have that power in my campaign.

Schools of Magic

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