Slim Necks Strums and Drums

A nice small shop with a workshop in the back. It smells of wood and glue. Usually you can hear singing and playing come from inside.

They specialize in stringed instruments and percussion instruments. You can find the following stringed instruments here Banjo{1}, Fiddle, Guitar{1} (Standard), Guitar{1} (Travel), Harp (Small), Harp (Standing), Harp (Travel), Lute{1}, Lyre{1}, Mandolin{1}, Repair Kit (Strings), Tuning Kit (Strings), Violin (Standard), & Violin (Travel).

You can also find the following percussion instruments here

  • Bells (set of 4)
  • Bells (set of 8)
  • Chime
  • Clapper
  • Cymbals (Pair
  • Standard)
  • Cymbals (Pair
  • Travel)
  • Bongo {1}
  • Drum (Kettle) {1}
  • Drum (Large Portable) {1}
  • Drum (Small) {1}
  • Drum (Tub
  • Rower) {1}
  • Gong (Medium)
  • Gong (Royal)
  • Gong (Small)
  • Mariachi (set of 2) {1}
  • Shake Stick {1}
  • Tambourine {1}
  • Xylophone (Small)
  • Xylophone (Standard)

NOTE : {1} are instruments that are made in this shop. Everything else is bought from other instrument makers.

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Slim Necks Strums and Drums

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