Snakes Den

The Snake’s Den banks the upper end of The Serpentine River (Elweir City). Trade ships from upriver stop in this area to do business. It has less crime than Lowtown but is hardly crime free. Many river captains have property in this area. It is also another common area for former or distant members of The Fifty to be found.

Along the southern part of The Serpentine River (Elweir City), from The River Chains under Foom’s Bridge to the border of the city, likes the Snake’s Den.

A rough-and-tumble portage for the men who work the river all the way south to the border of Amyklai, the Snake’s Den is best known for the barbarians who hulk through its streets – hard drinking, hard fighting men who have little time for explanations about why a poor soul has his knife near the barbarian’s pouch. Still, unlike the cynical residents of Lowtown or the cosmopolitan ones of Gibberish, those same barbarians, already over-awed by the size of Elweir. are easy marks for a con, and any swindler with even half a plan for parting a man from his coin goes to the Snake’s Den to try it out.

People of Snake’s Den
Residences of Snake’s Den

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Snakes Den

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