Song of the Bandit Lords


This is a well known song in Elweir, even children know this song.

Pillaging Pitt has one eye
He never sees enough.
Jac Plunder rides like thunder
He takes all our stuff.

The Bandit Lords are riding
They’ll kill your ma and pa.
They’ll take you to the swamps
And drown you in a flood.

Lord Rape has two swords
One for boys, one for girls.
Lady Slaughter is his daughter
Both she kills for thrills

The Bandit Lords are burning
All the boats on the river.
They’ll take you in their band
And make you spit up blood.

Cat A’Killer needs no man
‘Less she’s got his tongue.
Hanging Hyr has a rope
And sends on a plunge.

The Bandit Lords are coming
Into wealthy Elweir town.
They’ll take you far away
And bury in the mud.

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Song of the Bandit Lords

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