Tavern Keep

Three miles upriver on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) stands a small island, and at the center of the island rises a low, man-made mound. Atop this mound is an ancient keep surrounded by a wooden palisade. No one knows who built the keep – but for centuries, it’s housed an alehouse called Tavern Keep.

The Tavern Keep has been an annoyance to the Princes of Elweir for as long as it has stood, for its owner claims to be the true Prince of Elweir. Five hundred and fifty years ago, the Signus family became the Princes of Elweir. Jarly, the proprietor of Tavern Keep, claims to be a Lurchpole, the family that ruled Elweir before the Signus family came to power. He claims the crown was stolen from his ancestors, and it’s rightfully his.

No one cares whether or not Jarly’s story is true or not. But patrons at the Tavern Keep like to listen to Jarly work himself up into a rage and deliver blistering curses about the Signus family and his stolen birthright.

Because of his animosity toward Prince Summerset and his family, Jarly has wisely posted guards on his walls to keep the Prince’s guards out of his domain. Because of this Tavern Keep is a refuge for some of the worst criminals in Elweir.

Tavern Keep

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