The Beggar 'King'

It seems our decent into the depths of the Kneel did not go unnoticed because when we returned to the surface there was a member of Fat Chiki’s or ‘the beggar king’s’ court who demanded tribute for what we had found in the temple. Aliella had her guardian take the tablets to the carrion crawler. Meanwhile we had to fight of a few hundred thugs and other members of the kneel. Eventually, we were overwhelmed and taken to see Fat Chiki who was very unhappy we had refused to pay his tax and had attacked his subjects.

As he motioned for his guards to take us away I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had already severed my bonds and after that I went invisible and informed the court that I was now running the show and that I our stuff returned to us. He sent one man to go and bring our stuff back. Then we made a deal to get us safe passage out of the Kneel and get Aliella safe passage in the Kneel.

So we marched him with us to the edge of Elweir and then Lierin gave him the sword we had taken from the temple so that she could keep her word. Then we returned to the Carrion Crawler where we found out that Aliella’s protector had caused a bit of a scene when he arrived. I then had a chance to examine one of the tablets during which I discovered some hidden scrolls that aid a warrior’s ability.

Finally, as we prepared to take this trip south to find and spy on Barius I had everyone give me a list of names to give to Jack so that in case we fail the people who would suffer most have a chance to escape.

The Beggar 'King'

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