The Canals

The Canals sit in the triangle between the Worm’s Tail River, the Serpentine River and Gold’s Reside. It gets its name from the fact it has been slowly sinking overtime. Most of the streets have flooded and the only buildings that remain are stone buildings. Many of these buildings have flooded first floors that are closed off. Due to its unique environment, it attracts foreigners, retirees, and former members of the Fifty. It is relatively crime free.

The Residences

Elweir canals 2The buildings in the Canals are old and made of stone, stained grey and black from years of rainfall or green with mosses. At four and five stories, the buildings are some of the tallest in the city, and they are usually longer than they are wide. They stand side-by-side, sometimes noticeably leaning to the left or right. All of them are sinking, there first stories just barely emerging from the waters. The residents have sealed the first floors – despite this most still have several inches of water on the floor – and built new doors on the second floors. From this new door leads a set of steps down to the water. Bolted to one of the lower steps is a steel ring where residents can tie up the skiffs they use to get around. Unlike many buildings in Elweir, the windows here hold glass and the roofs are flat, accessible from inside by a ladder.


Elweir canals 1The canals that wind between the buildings lend the neighborhood its name. Though some narrow footpaths and the like wind here and there through some parts of the neighborhood, the waterways provide the primary way of getting around. The water is muddy river water, and the depth of the canals ranges from about five to fifteen feed (1-2.5") deep. Where the canals run into the river, the Royal Masonry have erected metal grates or stone “piles” to stop a skiff from drifting into the river. On the canals, boatmen propel there shallow skiffs with poles pushed against the cobbles below. To hire a boat costs one bit, you can find them either wandering the canals looking for work, or at The Princes Roads near Hawker’s Square.

The People

Outside of the boatmen who work the canals, few people living in the Canals have professions or even seem to work – at least at any honest trade. The Canals is home to the embassies from Romnal and Abyzinia, wealthy criminals who had the sense to retire from burglary and the like before they were caught, old families cast out of The Fifty who cannot bear to move too far from [[Gold’s Reside | Gold’s Reside]], and folk of mysterious origin who are rarely seen, let alone known about. The Canals has long provided a home for sorcerers (or suspected sorcerers) who reside in Elweir – with the most famous being Largisse Foom (who once resided in The Sinking Tower) and the most recent Getab Yren, a necromancer rumored to hail from mysterious Ureth-Kalai.

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The Canals

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