The Crossroads

The Crossroads, where Crooked Lane intersects with Coin’s Depart and Glutton’s Way is one of the few open spaces in Lowtown. It’s a field of mud with a small square of green, trampled grass at its center. On the grass are usually children playing and chickens pecking at the ground. At the center of the small yard is a weather-beaten Statue of Enodia.

There is a priest, Ranteren Everdusk tends the shrine; he lives in one of the buildings along Crooked Lane. He spends a great deal of time staring out at the shrine from his home.

The Crossroads is well-known throughout Elweir because this is where riots in Lowtown begin. They always start in the same way: an angry crowd gathers until the Crossroads is chocked with shouting men and women. Finally a leader emerges from the crowd and leads the mob to destroy something. Because of this a troop of guardsmen always stand watch here, with orders to run to the armories if a crowd begins to gather.

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The Crossroads

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