The Crowning of the Witch-Queen

Bloody civil war had always marked the succession in Abyzinia, and 1005 VA (8108 AR) saw only the latest in a long history of savage battles to determine which Magus would be the nest Sorcerer-King or Witch-Queen of the kingdom.

Long ago, all claimants to the throne came from the Cult of the Black Sigil, to which sorcerers of noble birth belonged. The days of the Cult passed long ago, for there were too few sorcerers to fill its ranks after the death of the world, and it faded into history. But Abyzinian tradition still dictates that only a sorcerer can rule the land and the most recent civil war marked the first time an outsider attempted to take the throne of Abyzinia.

Illign Maleinia claimed to come from the land of Orlik-Sil, a kingdom no one had ever heard of. Whatever his origins, Maleinia’s sorcery was without a doubt powerful, and he brought with him a mercenary army gathered from across the world with men even from far-off Amyklai standing in its ranks. For three years, he fought against the other claimants to the throne: Zenobia T’numbra and her uncle, Zaid T’numbra, both of whom were Abyzinian nobles, and Razi Simbaktu, a man of common birth but powerful sorcery.

In the end, Zenobia won the war for the throne, first slaying Simbaktu in a sorcerous duel, and then killing her uncle on the field of battle. She used treachery to defeat Maleinia, paying his mercenaries a fortune in gold to betray him at a crucial time. Maleinia disappeared after this defeat; a bounty still stands for his capture or head.

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The Crowning of the Witch-Queen

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