The Eastern Trail

Before the rise of the Bandit Lords, caravans out of Elweir used to brave The Desert’s Teeth mountains to trade with the nomads of the Blowing Wastes, and the Eastern Trail was where these caravans departed from and arrived at.

While never as busy as Caravan’s Rest in Uphill West, the Eastern Trail still saw the arrival of a large caravan every two weeks or so, and the Port Authority maintained a sizable staff here to make sure the merchants were properly taxed. Now the Port Authority only keeps three men on duty – two clerks and an assessor, all of whom are old men assigned to the place because they can no longer keep up with the hectic pace at other Port Authority postings.

The Trail is a large overgrown field on the eastern edge of [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]]. Open on one side, along the other two sides are long stables falling into disrepair and a smaller building that holds offices. A thick layer of dust covers the offices. The three men working the Eastern Trail often spend their time outside, staring off to the east (where the outlines of a road are still visible) and sharing stories of the past.

Once merchants lived in nearby homes but these are now vacant, and only one inn, Nomad’s Spear remains open in the area.

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The Eastern Trail

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