The Fall of the Empire

When Cynthia left her first people the people began to forget her. They became a very large group. They hated having to travel around and forgot that Cynthia wanted them to be an example. The Druid told them to remain nomadic and to resist the temptation. Most of the group didn’t want to hear about Cynthia. They drove the Druid and her followers out of the city they were building.

As they were building they came across something in the earth that they had never seen before. They found out that when they melted it they could shape it. The people created the first armor and weapons. With this new found gift they rode out and conquered their neighbors. The Druid saw this and was sad because she could do nothing to stop it.

Eventually they had conquered everyone nearby. Everyone spoke Elothian and the Empire was called Elothia. The last Druid’s group had dwindle over the years until there was just one left. She was wandering around when she heard Cynthia. Cynthia was mad at the people and saying to herself “I leave them alone for just 10 centuries and look what happens. They have destroyed my beautiful face. I will always have these horrible scars.”

When the Druid heard this she knelt down and started to pray to Cynthia. “Give them one more chance to live as your people. So long as you connect to them through the Druids they will not turn. Tell them to become your people again. Scatter them throughout the plains and give them few reasons to trust other groups. Then they will never band again together again.”

Cynthia heard the druid’s cry and said, “Very well, they are my chosen people. I did leave them alone. From now on I will keep my eye on them where ever they go. After all every part of nature has part of me.”

Cynthia went to the capital and said to the earth. “Shake my daughter, shake like you never have before. Make all of their building tremor.”

The people all across the Empire were scared. They began to cry, “Cynthia, mother of all, what do you want us to do?”

“Tear down your cities. Become the nomads you once were. In one rising of the sun I will destroy the cities and all that is in them. Never again shall you settle.” Cynthia thundered.

The people that left after one day were blessed with guides when they needed them. The guides were Cynthia who chose to help them. Cynthia didn’t kill the animals or people in the cities. The animals were spread out to every tribe. The people who didn’t leave were never helped by Cynthia. When all the cities had been destroyed, Cynthia put fear in every group that all the other groups would turn on them if they were trusted to much.

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The Fall of the Empire

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