The First of the Necromancer Lords

Abyzinia has always had to deal with necromancers but in the year 500 AR one arose who was more powerful than any before him. His name was Drakul and before anyone realized it he had united the People of the Night for the first time. He rallied the other necromancers to his name and soon his hordes of undead had swelled into the thousands he hid his force within The Nightlurk Mountains while he tried to convince nine Abyzinian Noble families to join him. With his offer came a staff with great power invested into it. The nine noble families gathered their own forces, because they did not want to be lead by a necromancer. The nobles sent their war-chiefs to lead the mighty army which was composed of mages, demons, elementals and mortal troops.

The nobles sent word to Drakul that they were sending an army to join his army. The surprise was perfect, because Drakul’s forces suffered great losses at the beginning of the battle. The battle between the two armies was fierce. It lasted all day and into the night. In the morning there were dead men, destroyed undead and mystic creatures who had either been destroyed or banished back to their home planes. But still the battle raged on.

The final battle saw the nine nobles finest warriors, war chiefs and mystic beasts break down Drakul’s fortress. In the end, Drakul and his forces were destroyed. The victory was a pyrrhic one. Thousands of men had died. The Cult of the Black Sigil was broken and would take decades to recover. And half of the noble families who fought lost both their rulers and heirs.

Abyzinia fell into a civil war because of the loss of all the nobles and their heirs. It took almost 50 years of warfare before a noble family rose to power. That family became the rulers of Abyzinia.

The First of the Necromancer Lords

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