The Founding of Horses

When Cynthia had only just created the world and placed men upon it they were so spread out that it took moons to get to one another. People starved from lack of food, because they could not grow enough. Likewise other people had food that rotted because they had to much.

When the group who had too much heard about the other group who had too little they wanted to help. But how? They could not get there in time. The druids from both groups prayed to Cynthia with their tribe, hoping that Cynthia would answer.

Moons passed and nothing happened, each tribe prayed harder and harder. ‘It is a waste for our food to rot while others starve’, cried the druid from the too much tribe. Still no answer.

Ten cycles of the moon passed and one night the druids who had just laid down to sleep had a dream from Cynthia.

“Go to the meadow were you have been praying faithfully with a volunteer to whom I will show my answer. The volunteer must be your most prized hunter. Tonight I will show you and no other night.”

The druids didn’t know what to do. Should they sacrifice their best hunter? Or should they let others die? The tribe that had too little decided that one life lost was better than ten and ten and ten again. He woke their best hunter. The tribe with too much thought that they are another tribe, why should we sacrifice our hunter for them? The druid and the chief decided that even though they are strangers they were also created by Cynthia and therefore must be good.

The druids brought their hunters to the meadow and left them there. Soon after the hunters fell into sleep. In the dream they found horses and brought them back to the tribe. Then they rode out and it only took them half a moon to get there and back. When they woke horses had filled the meadow. The hunters ran back to their tribes.

Eventually, horses spread to all the tribes of Cynthians. Horses are very sacred because Cynthia, herself, gave us the horses.

The Founding of Horses

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