The Frontier

The part of Valdoria farthest from Revanna and The Heartland, the Frontier has grown more independent over the last several centuries. The Duchy of Romnal threw the gauntlet down for the other five provinces, forcing them either to continue on their current slow path to independence or to declare their allegiance to the Empire and make sure Romnal doesn’t break off on its own.

But Romnal is the largest and wealthiest of the six provinces, and going to war with Duke Lothar Coeur would require at least two of the other five to ally against it… which may run contrary to their own rivalries.

Traveling upriver the Worm River from Elweir, a barge passes through four of the six provinces on the Frontier: the County of Norland the County of Sincerre, the Barony of Sacre and the Duchy of Elan. The other two provinces are the County of Reswick and Duchy of Romnal.

Other places of importance in The Frontier include Wickshine’s Inn

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The Frontier

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