The Gleaming Wall

The Gleaming Wall (nicknamed the Treasure Chest by many of Elweir‘s residents) surrounds the [[Gold’s Reside | Gold’s Reside]]. Twenty feet high and made of gold-flecked marble, it’s decorated on top with five foot long gilded spears set close together and as sharp as any regular spear.

The Gleaming Wall only has one entrance – an archway fifteen feet across and guarded by iron-banded doors. The doors stand open during the daylight hours, with a company of guards stationed outside; the guardsmen close and bar the doors at night. A sally door with a spyhole serves as an entrance for nobles and servants coming and going during the night. Regardless of the hour, the guardsmen allow no one to enter unless a noble accompanies him, or he possess a written document signed by a noble that states his purpose in Golds Reside

The clerks who work in the royal offices all possess such documents, which they keep for the duration of their employment.

Guards patrol the inside wall at all hours, making the rounds in groups of four.

The Gleaming Wall

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