The Legend of Langenkamp

Sir Langenkamp lived in the area of Three Fingers over 175 years ago. He was a knight for the warlord Hedred. Sir Langenkamp had a manor house near the border between his liege, Hedred, and another warlord named Eadic.

Hedred and Eadic had been involved in skirmishes for many years but they had made peace and all was now calm. One day while Sir Langenkamp and his troop were on patrol Eadic and his men invaded Hedred’s lands and quickly captured Sir Langenkamp’s manor. Warlord Eadic and his men were particularly ruthless because they killed all the men and boys in the area. They then raped the women and girls and then burned them alive.

When Langenkamp and his men returned to find their homes and families killed, they went on a rampage. They tracked down Eadic’s men, who they captured, tortured and killed. Sir Langenkamp went to Hedred for permission to make war on Eadic and destroy his home and families. Warlord Hedred did not want that to happen and he order Sir Langenkamp to not attack Eadic.

Langenkamp but ignored Hedred’s orders. Sir Langenkamp and his men made war upon Eadic. Langenkamp and his men eventually kill Eadic and his whole family. They also find out that Warlord Hedred had warned Eadic ahead of time.

Sir Langenkamp went mad with anger and desire for vengeance. He and his men then attacked Hedred and killed him and his family. After this Langenkamp gave up all pretense of being an honorable man. His only goal in life was to spread his pain and misery on as many people as he could. After three years of rampaging thru the Three Fingers area, a number of warlords banded together to kill Langenkamp.

After they captured Langenkamp, they tortured him for a long time before burning him at the stake. Langenkamp swore that he would return from the dead and destroy them and their families.

Over the years whenever their have been horrific murders people have said it is Langenkamp back from the dead.

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The Legend of Langenkamp

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