The Legend of Sir Amgel

Sir Amgel lived almost 550 years ago. Many legends and stories have been told about him over the years. At this time during Valdoria History there were still many of the Drindrish’s foul creatures roaming throughout Sarth. Sir Amgel was known to have slain at least two giants, a wyvern, at least one lich, and three knights who had become wraiths in single combat.

Sir Amgel, along with his companions and their combined retinue (500 heavy calvary) killed an army of Uruk-hai (said to have numbered close to 2000) in The Middlemarch. The army had marched across The Frontier burning and pillaging along the way. If Sir Amgel and his army had not won this battle Revanna might have been besieged by the the Uruk-hai army.

Lastly it is said that Sir Amgel and his most loyal companions went into the Oceanshore Mountains to kill the last known dragon. It was there that Sir Amgel meet his death but not before killing the dragon.

His companions buried him, with his equipment and most of the dragon’s horde. His companions, there were only 6 left by this point and time, all of whom were seriously wounded were killed by some foul creatures that still roamed the land. There was one survivor who told the tale of Sir Amgel and his companions demise. He is said to have created a map to where Sir Amgel was laid to rest.

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The Legend of Sir Amgel

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