The Marine's Wench

The Marine’s Wench is an inn that provides a place for marines to stay between berths. There are several similar inns in [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]] but the Marine’s Wench is the best known, and captains visit it first when looking for able-bodied marines to protect their barges. The place is famous for its meat dishes, the barbarous smell of dirty furs, human sweat and sizzling fat and the fights that frequently break out in the common room and spill into the street. Whenever a member of the city guard hears of a fight at the Marine’s Wench, he hangs his head and sighs.

The innkeeper, a middle-aged woman named Dotty Rosewater, is the widow of a marine, and she treats the marines who stay at the inn like her own children. She’s also known to be able to incapacitate a man with two blows.

Many first timers are taunted into betting whether they can withstand Dotty Rosewater‘s two blows. Few win the bet and the few that do win wish they hadn’t taken the bet.

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The Marine's Wench

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