The Nightlurk Mountains

Nightlurk mountain bridge of the deadIn the northern part of the Abyzinia are the Nightlurk Mountains, low peaks of blackish-gray stone where the People of the Night live.

The People of the Night are the ancient enemies of Abyzinia, but despite their antiquity, little is known about them or their culture. They are said to be short, standing only four feet tall, and to have hairless piebald skin, mottled raw pink and sickly brown, that hangs loosely from their bones. Their ears and noses are large and begin to droop as the person ages. Their mouths are said to be wide and filled with jagged teeth that they sharpen for some obscene reason.

From there, the stories about the People of the Night become more fantastical. They live in deep caverns and can see perfectly in the pitch-black caverns. They are cannibals who cook up feast of captured prisoners. They aren’t men at all, but some inhuman race that has survived the millennia … or demons … or souls of evil Abyzinians striking out of the Nether Realms to avenge themselves on the living.

Wizard commanding skeletonsTwo things the Abyzinians do know without a shadow of a doubt: the shamans of the People of the Night are powerful necromancers; and the People of the night will never cease to make war on their neighbors to the south. They rove in bands of 20 to 50, but over the long history of Abyzinia, there have descended from the Nightlurk Mountains to terrorize the Abyzinians. The last of these times was during the world’s death rattle, over nine hundred years ago, but despite the centuries that have passed since then, every Abyzinian shudders with dread at the thought of another attack.

Dreadful tales tong told in Abyzinia say that high up in the peaks of the Nightlurk Mountains is a vale that’s deathly quiet, and in the middle of that vale is a lake. Named Lake Tah’nees, its waters are pitch black, viscous, and bubble like tar. This lake is the source of the necromancers’ power.
Abyzinia lake tahnees

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The Nightlurk Mountains

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