The Princes Roads

Cobbled with smooth paving stones and forty feet wide, the Prince’s Roads are a safe haven in the lawless neighborhoods of Elweir. Because Lowtown and other less-than-savory places lie right in the heart of the city, the Prince’s Roads allow law-abiding souls to make their way through Elweir without fear. The city guard accepts no bribes on the roads and ruthlessly keeps the peace here. This only applies to the Prince’s Roads proper – anyone stepping foot from the Prince’s Roads becomes fair game for unsavory elements of the city.

Noble processionThe act of temping someone to step from the Prince’s Road is called “baiting”, and generally involves an attractive woman pretending to be in distress (but there are many variations on this, from children crying that they’ve lost their way, to old-timers falling down and pretending to suffer convulsions).

From north to south the Prince’s Roads run along the western banks of The Worm River (Elweir City) and The Serpentine River (Elweir City) and along the eastern bank of the The Serpentine River (Elweir City), passing through Lowtown and connecting [[Worm’s Hole | Worm’s Hole]], [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]] and Gibberish.

From west to east, the Prince’s Roads pass through Lowtown and connecting Uphill East and Uphill West at two spots: one of which runs directly through Lowtown across the The Serpentine River (Elweir City); the other connects Uphill East and Uphill West to The Canals and leading directly to Hawker’s Square.

Criminals fleeing those of their ilk, who wish to do them harm, often run to the Prince’s Roads to escape – “hiding behind the Prince’s apron,” in the vernacular. When someone needs a city guard, the swiftest way to find one is often to go to the nearest part of the Prince’s Roads, since the guard patrols the Prince’s Roads incessantly at all hours of the day and night.

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The Princes Roads

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