The River Chains

Running below the The Creaking Bridge, Foom’s Bridge and Founding Stone Bridge are immense chains of iron. These chains prevent ships from passing through the city and force them to dock in Elweir. This creates Elweir‘s monopoly on maritime commerce, since many sea fairing vessels in the world of Il-Ryveras could travel up the broad and deep The Serpentine, rather than stopping in at Elweir at one of the city’s three portages to trade their goods.

Ships traveling downriver on the The Worm River must dock in Worms Hole.

Those traveling downriver on the The Serpentine must dock in Snakes Den.

And those traveling upriver on The Serpentine must dock in Snakes Den from Blues Waters at the docks in Gibberish.

A brisk, but humble trade goes on with small barges carting goods on the rivers within the city, generally to and from one of the three portages – in this way goods are transported.

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The River Chains

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