The Ylsythen Jungles

A tropical jungle dominates the southeastern portion of Pelosa. In the west, the Abyzinians have tamed a swath of the jungle and now rule it as a part of their kingdom (although officially they claim the whole jungle as their own). Only two other kingdoms exist in the jungles – Zimaravia and Zothedris, both on the eastern coast of Pelosa. All of the area in between is wilderness; only escaped slaves live there.

The jungle makes civilization impossible. The water and humidity rot wooden structures and rust steel, and bringing stone into the jungle is impossible. The density of the trees and underbrush, and the insane rate, at which they grow back, prevents men from making large clearings where they can gather in large numbers. The jungle is filled with dangerous beasts, venomous serpents, insects and other vermin of every variety, and even terrible monsters out of legends. The whole place is unhealthy; plagues and mysterious ailments suddenly and inexplicably strike down those who dare to journey there.

That said no man who knows and understands the jungle need never starve. Food is plentiful and easily had, which is why escaped slaves can survive there. Though they may not have much civilization to call their own, they have developed a culture over the centuries, one based on freedom. They live in small bands but consider themselves one people. They call themselves the Tshonga, Abyzinian for the Free Man. A Chief leads each band, and the members of a band elect their chief, each member with one vote. They can also vote to remove a chief from his position. All men and women have a voice in council and can offer whatever opinion they have whether bad or good, of the chief’s decisions without worrying about retribution. These bands mainly concern themselves with helping other slaves escape and surviving their inhospitable land, but each one dreams of someday toppling Abyzinia and bringing freedom to all slaves in the kingdom.

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The Ylsythen Jungles

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