Three Fingers

Government – Anarchy masquerading as oligarchy
Ruler – High Lord (none for over two centuries)
Capital – None
Languages – Valdorian, Elothian
Resources – Lumber, wheat
Arms/Symbols – Antlers on a green field

Just beyond the Nylsen Forest, the Crawl River flows into the Serpentine. the Serpentine river continues to the southeast, narrowing as it passes along the southern end of the Cynthian Plains before continuing on into the Cold Peaks.

Also called the Lands of the river Lords. There are three main rivers that flow thru the area, the Crawl River, the Mad River and the Green River. The ‘lords’ here are at constantly at battle so it is easy to find battle hardened mercenaries.

Most battles are between the well trained mercenaries and fighters the lords keep on retainer. The only other fighters to be worried about are the lord-less soldiers and out of work mercenaries who become bandits.

The land is fertile with farms, apple orchards, cherries, wheat, and corn. There are villages, towns, and a few small cities. The people are rough and tumble people who know how to protect themselves (to some extent). They are also a jovial people – in spite of all the warfare.

Three Fingers

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