Travel by Barge

Traveling by barge is one of the best ways to move goods throughout the Valdorian Empire where the rivers or lakes allow for it. Depending on which river the barge is on will decides the speed at which the barge can go.

The most popular barge on both the The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) and The Worm River (Outside Elwier) is called the Humber Keel. This is a sturdy ship that has a shallow draft, is wide for stability, is a sailing vessel, and can carry a great deal of tonnage.

River Base Speed (mph) Top Speed (mph) Increased Speed for going downstream (mph)
The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) 3 mph 6 mph 1.5
The Worm River (Outside Elwier) 3 mph 5 mph 1 mph

Cost to ship by barge is 4 sp per 100# and a loading and unloading fee of 5 sp per 100#. Livestock costs more – same cost per 100# + 5 sp per day for feed & cleanup.

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Travel by Barge

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