Travel by Mule Train

In mountains like the The Cold Peaks, pack train of mules may cover as little as five miles horizontal a day, though with good flat terrain and favorable weather they can make 25 mi/day. Figure 15 mi/day as an average speed if things are mixed or variable.

Mules can carry 120 to 180 lbs each.

If everything is laid out ready, and nothing has to be hunted up, two experienced people can pack a horse with roped-on bundles in ten minutes. Figure a half-hour for most semi-skilled fumblers.

If you are packing supplies for travelers rather than hauling merchandise, figure one pack horse per person, as well as one riding horse. Otherwise, figure six or seven animals per wrangler in the wild, twice as many animals in settled zones.

Cost to ship by mule train is 6 sp per 100# per day. Generally the entire fee is paid up front. This locks in a rate for the merchant and encourages the shipper to move quickly.

Background from Equine Data.

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Travel by Mule Train

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