Treaty with Romnal of 1021 VA

In the winter of 1021 the Prince died in a hunting accident. With him were some of his chief advisors including Chief Magistrate Capra Lustshine, Lord Speckmore the Chancellor, Lord Sandover Reed and the Prince’s son & heir Prince Summerset.

At the end of the period of mourning, Duke Lothar Coeur came to pay his respects and in a gesture most found surprising, shocking and with a great deal of dismay the new Prince brought Elweir into the protectorate of the Duchy of Romnal. This for all practical purposes made Elweir part of the Valdorian Empire.

The outcome of this treaty is that Elweir pays a small tribute (compared to what has been paid to the Bandit Lords) and Duke Lothar Coeur provides troops and fortifications to protect Elweir and shipping along the The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains)/ The Serpentine River (Elweir City).

Prince Summerset has been “required” to enforce some of the laws of the Valdorian Empire, specifically the ones regarding slavery and use of magic.

Return to Bandit Lord

Treaty with Romnal of 1021 VA

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