Uphill West

Uphill east west
Similar in many ways to Uphill East, Uphill West lies on the hills overlooking the opposite bank of The Serpentine River (Elweir City). It’s home to most of the city’s industry, from the metal smiths of Workman’s End, to the weavers of The Spindle, to the woodworkers of Cooper’s Row. The people make their way through the streets quickly, intent upon their business, and have little time – or use – for idlers and small talk. Unlike Uphill East folk, Westers are used to strangers and outsiders coming to visit the craftsmen and artisans.

Like Uphill East, Uphill West has stairs to facilitate walking up and down the step slope that rises up from Lowtown to the city wall to the west. It also has sewer gratings.

The People

The people of Uphill West are artisans and craftsmen – blacksmiths, goldsmiths, silversmiths, coopers, tailors, weavers, potters and so on – and their families and apprentices. Most of them sell their own goods. Family members who don’t actually make the goods (or help out, for example by obtaining supplies) deal with merchants and customers, make each family like a little shop.


Residents of Uphill West wear clothing similar to those in Uphill East, but usually of better quality – the artisans trade among themselves for such things than make them at home. Because of the proximity of [[Worm’s Hole | Worm’s Hole]] and the presence of Caravan’s Rest, the Valdorian style of dress is common, so men often wear tunics that reach the knees with a broad leather belt around their waist, and the women wear ankle-length dresses with similar, but slightly slimmer girdles. The artisans and craftsmen themselves often wear leather aprons or similar garments; you can often determine someone’s profession from the stains and debris on it: soot for a blacksmith; sawdust for a woodwright; dried mud for a potter; and so on.


The residences in Uphill West resemble those in Uphill East, but they’re closer together, and many have an attached shop or workplace – for example a blacksmith’s house has a smithy where pounds out nails, horseshoes and oarlocks. Most homes are two stories with the front room for customers and a kitchen on the ground floor and sleeping areas on the second floor.

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Uphill West

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