Valdor Our Dream!

Valdor, our Dream!

Valdoria remembers mid laughter and tears
The birth of a man who grew through the years
Burdened with slavery by the Drindrish lords
He became the man who cut those cords.

So sing “Vivat! The Dream!” May it live long
In hearts and in poetry, story and song
For all men need a dream, as we all ken
And each time that we gather, we dream it again.

He dreamed of a world based in freedom
Where slavery was gone, with the gods to lead them.
The Gods stripped the Drindrish of their pride,
And without their magic they ran or died.

Valdor then had to rebuild his land,
The slaves were freed by his own hand.
Noble houses were formed, numbering five
With freedom came pride, and the land it did thrive.


Oh chivalry, courtesy, honors and love
Are ideals that we cherish, all others above
Ideals are a fire in the hearts of all
Remember today how you’d answer the call.

Each Lord needs a Lady to strengthen his arm
Each Lady a Lord for to keep her from harm
Tis love and the Dream brought all this about
And only the Drindrish could harbor a doubt.


Valdoria remembers mid laughter and tears
The dream we’ve been dreaming for so many years
And in celebration, we gather as then
To be certain his Dream comes alive once again

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Valdor Our Dream!

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